This is Lisa and this place is a way for me to chart my ‘new’ journey.

Recently I have been diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 1) and my ‘new’ journey begins.  Of all the journeys I would have rather taken this year, this one was not on my list; however, I know it will prove to be the most significant and miraculous one this year for sure!

Rather than make a ton of phone calls or send dozens of emails, this is how I’ve chosen to keep y’all updated.  I am open to phone calls, emails, texts, and actual get-together’s for those who want to communicate with me that way too.

This is all very new to me and I’m finding my way as I go.  This is all new to each of you too, and I will work on being sensitive to you as well, as you process this information and wonder – like I am – what to say.  Just be honest.  I’ll let you know if you’ve strayed too far, or gotten too close, or rubbed me the wrong way.

To all my family and friends, we are all walking this journey together.  I hope I do not offend anyone with my ramblings, thoughts, questions, and statements.  That is not my intent.  What I do know is that I’ve had a rush of new thoughts in the last couple weeks and this is where I’m going to leave them.  I hope you get something valuable out of it, somehow, somewhere in all of this.


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  1. I absolutely adore you…please keep “rambling.” We all need it. I need to hear any and everything you have to say. I have loved your family now for some time. Chip, is going to be your very best medicine so please never miss a dose.
    I have to go for now,,,but, I will be in touch again real soon.
    Kisses…to the family.
    heartfelt and unfailing support.


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  2. Love you Lisa, I am praying for you. Having gone through ovarian cancer in 2006 (stage 1) myself the feelings and emotions are real and the thoughts are powerful. I am here if you ever want to talk, cry, laugh, rant, whatever!!! Praying for you always!

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    • Thank you Jennifer for your love and prayers. I appreciate your openness about your situation and the opportunity to vent and laugh. Till then… awaiting the miracle.


  3. Lisa you ramble all you want. I will pray that as you go through this journey that you remember that were all behind or sometimes ahead of you in prayer. I say sometimes ahead because some of us cant sleep so were up at all hrs of the night praying. I love you and Chip, and please keep us all posted..

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  4. hi Lisa…. I went on this journey in 2003. If you want to talk to me, I would be glad to help you in any way I can.

    Please know that the Lord is with you and my prayers are for a total and complete healing❤️🙏
    May God bless you both!

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  5. Lisa, a.k.a. sugar! This is a journey you will be successful and victorious! It will be rough at times but with love and support you will not be alone! You are loved and that in itself is a powerful healing tool . Praying for strength over you and perseverance to beat this because Jesus has the wheel.

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    • Thank you Melody for your encouragement and support. I feel the love and I am comforted. May your trip across country and back be wonderful and hedged by His protection.


  6. my precious!! friend..you know that I will be praying and that I love you. you remind me of Joseph, the Father’s favorite, highly favored.. greatly loved. Even though he had a lot of stuff that appeared to be tough and unfair in his life, in the end he came out on top.

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    • On top I will be, thank you Dearheart for all that you do for me. Your words are always comforting, encouraging and keep me focused. You have the approval to smack me in my forehead if needed ; )


  7. Precious Lisa. You are in my prayers! As you know, I went through an Ovarian Cancer scare just a few months ago. The Lord showed his mercy, and through the prayers of the warriors, I received a miracle. I can attest that communicating through a blog is very wise. The blog I wrote during my journey kept me focused and allowed me to share in a way that kept everyone informed without having to relive the diagnosis reality every time the phone rang. But, there was a much bigger plan and the Lord used the blog for His glory. People connected in ways outside of the actual subject of the blog. “All things work together for good…” It was amazing and encouraging to watch it unfold. Regardless of the plan He has for your jouney, make every moment, every encounter, and every word you write give GLORY to our God. He has you arms and wants to cuddle you through this as you TRUST and PRAY believing. I know I am! I Love you! Lillian

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  8. Hi sweetie, my second little girl. I can only imagine some of your feelings, questions and reactions. I’m glad you have a “girl” doc. I know that you and the HOLY SPIRIT will be many blessings of encouragement and love to her. Wow, walking and resting in Jesus will be a new adventure for sure as far as this hideous growth goes. Jesus has that thing under HIS feet and under the CROSS! We are more than conquerors through and in CHRIST, and as my son says we are “Victorious”, amen to that. This blog site is wonderful. My love to you Rick and Jordan. And please give your sweet mom # 1 my love and a hugg………….moma # 2

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    • Dude, you prayin’ for me, well don’t that beat all. I think that’s awesome! Never will give up, and doin’ more than just hangin’ in there. I’m luvin’ life each and every day. I have places to go, things to do and people to see! Thanks Chuck, old friend. Much love to you and the family.


  9. Lea
    I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and hope that you are staying happy and feeling well. I know you have a lot of support from a lot of people so I just wanted to let you know I’m still here for you if needed. Be well

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    • Lynn~ You are my oldest and dearest friend, all the way back to 1977. We’ve been through a lot together and separately over the years, and I will weather this storm too. I thank God that you have been a part of my life this long, you are truly so very precious to me.


  10. Precious Lisa, The following are some scriptures that jumped out at me during my time with the LORD this AM. The WORD of GOD, for all who will believe.

    Matt. 17:20 and nothing shall be imposible unto you.
    Matt. 9:29 According to your faith let it be to you.
    Psm. 31:19 ” how great is your goodness, which YOU have laid up for those who fear YOU which YOU have prepared for those who trust in YOU”

    Oh the sweet walk of trusting in our LORD and entering into HIS rest.
    Love you dear Lisa………………Mom #2

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    • Thanks so much Mom. Check out my ENCOURAGEMENT section, I have taken the scriptures that you sent to me and posted them there. They are wonderful, and I receive fully!


      • Hi Lisa,……..other great scriptures to share with you, they are very encouraging to me.

        Matthew 17:20 and nothing sha be impossible unto you

        Matt. 9:29 According to your faith let it be to you.

        Much love and prayers to you,,,,,,,,,,,,mom#2

        BLESS YOU!

        DIANE BURNS 928-445-2539 burns.tdburns@gmail.com


  11. Hello my sweet sister. I will be praying for you and Chip. You are such an inspiration to me such a strong woman of faith. Our God is good and in control. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. Love you and Chip!!


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